I am a member of Camp counselor

Friday, April 23, 2004

Hi! How are you doing? I'm fine! I wii talk about my new life. A week ago, I became a member of camp counselors. Camp counselors help people so that they can enjoy camp. We call them "camper". We act mainly in Outdoor Activity Center in Hotani. There are many interesting facilities there. At night, you can enjoy campfire and watch stars with telescope which is the biggest one in Hirakata city. I really think that everyone can enjoy camp there.
Last Saturday, we participated in camp counselor course to get many skills as camp counselor. We are tanght many fresh things by our seniors and coaches. They are very kind to us! I'm glad to bacome one of the members. What I was most excited is watching various stars and planets. The day,it was no cloud at all,so the sky was very clear! What a wonderful condition it was! I was so excited and nervous because it was the first experience for me. First, I watched the Saturn. It was very very beautiful! It looks like a picture. I could the ring very cleary. Next was the Jupiter. It is the biggest planets in the solar system. We found huge red area on the surface Which is called "daisekihan", sorry I couldn't find the word in English. I was amazing to hear that the area is ten times as large as the earth's diameter.
During the course, I was many important things not only as camp counselor but also as man - cooperation, communication, having responsibility and so on. Especially, I think having warm hart is the most important. I spent really wonderful time there. From now on, I will enjoy camp and make efforts to be a great counselor!

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